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November 1, 2019




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"If gaming is fun than developing games is developing fun"

Is the mission statement of BIG CROCO.
We are a small Belgium-based game building company. Decades ago, we started building games as a hobby project using technologies like Turbo Pascal and Visual Basic 5.
The first completed games were a Breakout clone and an alternative Slots game. Later on, we experimented with engines like Genesis 3D and GarageGames' Torque. But still wanting more, it was time to write our own Javascript game engine. So we wrote a complete game called HTML5 Slots, which would become the predecessor of Brain Fruits. HTML5 Slots became third in the October 2010 game contest of Spilgames. Using and expanding on the same technology, we wrote the first version of Save the green guy (2014), which had some success on Facebook.
In the next five years, the focus was on starting an IT consultancy business. Though the passion for games never ceased to exist. After researching on which technology was usable for write mobile games, we rewrote HTML 5 Slots to Brain Fruits. Shortly after, we built the new mobile version of Save the green guy.
Currently, we are developing games made to play together. Not online but with the persons close to you. We hope to reinvent multiplayer games to be played like a modern-day version of a board game.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We highly valua CSR in our company and are working towards the 17 sustainable development goals. To reach these goals we chose to host our game back-end for Save the green guy in a green datacenter. This datacenter is using 100% renewable energy and outdoor air cooling, without air conditioning (PUE < 1.1).

The hero with the two-wheeled walker is one of the sons of the founder of Big Croco, the elephant man being the other. Superheroes with a disability do not exist in modern media. However, people with disabilities are as powerful as superheroes. The courage and perseverance they need to make the best of their disability are unbelievable. He deserves a spot as a hero in this game to show that everything is possible!

Selected articles

PC zone Benelux
Breakout game written in DirectX.
Adweek: Save the green guy (2014 version)
Title: Save the Green Guy in this simple arcade game on Facebook
Writer: Brandy Shaul
Date: March 12, 2014
Link:Read on AdWeek
Quote: Facebook games may offer some of the latest advancements in free-to-play gaming, but that doesn’t mean every game needs to be incredibly complex. A perfect example is “Save the Green Guy,” a new retro-style game which plays exactly as it sounds. Players move around a game board, rescuing a green man from red men by simply touching him.

Fans using our games

Monkeyzav created a clone of Save the green guy (2014 version)
"Hungry rabbit vs bad deamons is a clone of Save the Green Guy on Facebook, to see how I was able to do the same thing in Construct2." Link to article
Autokey automation using Save the green guy (2014 version) as an example
They are using their Autokey software to let it play Save the green guy.
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Link to video